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Tiger's Den & Tiger Ticket Show

Tigers Den

Tiger Tickets are a positive approach to “catching” students doing good things throughout the school day!  Research has shown that when students are praised for good behavior, other students witnessing the accolades are motivated to receive the same positive reinforcement.  This reinforcement program is modeled after the Principal’s 200 program.  Students are recognized by staff and receive a "Tiger Ticker" for demonstrating any of the school-wide expectations: Be Ready, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.  We will recognize 5 students each day for positive behavior.  Five random staff members will be given one Tiger Ticket each day.  Without the students knowing who has a ticket, the staff person is expected to be on the lookout for positive behaviors throughout the day.  When a staff member sees a positive behavior, he or she will give the ticket to the student and submit the student’s name for the Tiger Ticket Show.  

The Tiger’s Den is where student names are organized and added to a 10x10 one hundred square grid. For each round of the Tiger’s Den, an administrator will choose a “Mystery Motivator” that the students will win. The students’ names are added to the board daily from a random spinning wheel. Once a row, column, or diagonal of ten has been completed, the ten students whose names are in that winning row, column, or diagonal will all win the “Mystery Motivator.  

The Tiger Ticket Show is our live recognition session at the end of every day where students tune in during homeroom to hear who received a ticket and what number they will be for the Tiger’s Den. At the close of each school day, students who received a Tiger Ticket are recognized during the Tiger Ticket Show with their ticket being placed in the Tiger's Den for an opportunity to win a predetermined incentive when a winning row occurs.  Once a student’s name is announced on the Tiger Ticket show, a postcard is also sent home to let families know that the student received this recognition!  

 The “Mystery Motivator” changes each month and is given in two increments. First, the winning row of 10 students each receives a prize. Then, any student that has received a Tiger Ticket within the month has their name entered in the monthly drawing for a chance to win the grand prize- a gift card of their choice! .”  This motivator will be a special treat, gift card, activity, item, or motivational opportunity for those ten students (and sometimes a friend)!