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The Tillotson Tiger Zone

The Tillotson School Tiger Zone is a creative space that gives our students exposure to all types of technology.  Virtual Reality, 3D Printers, Cricut Machines, iPads, Surface Devices, and a Green Screen production set are just some of the technology tools our students have access to.  Many schools have labeled their spaces as STEM, STEAM, or Makerspace Labs.  The Tiger Zone is similar to all of the above as it constantly evolves with new technologies and experiences.  Here at Tillotson, our students will be prepared to use technology in the workplace and in their everyday lives.  The classroom teachers and Dr. Smith, the Instructional Technology Specialist, work together to design and integrate technology into all curriculum areas making learning engaging for students while giving students some real-world experiences.   Our students become familiar with many different operating system platforms, making them comfortable to work in Microsoft, Mac, and Google environments.  The CREATE club hosted in the Tiger Zone allows students to not only create new experiences and knowledge, but it also allows them to use the 3D Printers and Cricut Machines to create new products for themselves, classmates, and the classrooms here at Tillotson. 

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Have you ever wanted to travel back in time or stand on the streets next to the Eiffel Tower?  Tillotson’s Virtual Reality Headset allows our students to do just that.  When students put on our Virtual Reality headset, they are transformed into another world giving them opportunities to travel into another “world” without leaving the classroom.  Classroom teachers and Dr. Smith are teaming up to provide educational experiences in the Tiger’s Zone.  Mr. Groesch’s classes are studying the Pyramids in Egypt.  Students will have the opportunity to go inside the Great Pyramid and navigate through tunnels and passages to the different chambers.  In our English and Language Arts classes, students will have the opportunity to travel to famous landmarks and the places where the books they are reading are taking place.  Science and Health teachers will be able to take students inside a cell or the human body.  Virtual Reality provides our students with unique interactions while immersing them in the content they are learning in class.  This is another way Tillotson School is using technology to create new experiences for students.

Let's Move Pittsburgh!

Are you ready to play? Let's Move Pittsburgh Bingo is an opportunity for children and families to get excited about trying new activities and experiences! The program will run from Nov. 13 – Jan. 15 in regional schools, but anyone can play along!
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