Current Openings




  • Paraprofessionals assist and support the teacher with educational and instructional activities, implementing behavior management for students, as well as performing a variety of clerical and supportive tasks for instructional personnel.  They do not assume the primary responsibility for the classroom.  


Essential Functions: 

  • Support the education of individual students or small groups of students by reinforcing instruction and development of functional, social and behavior skills initially introduced by certified teaching staff.   
  • Support the teacher in order tomaintain orderly classroom behavior.   
  • Performs assigned tasks associated with routine daily activities such as arrival and dismissal, classroom transition times, meal times, toileting, recess and field trips.   
  • Assist the teacher in documenting and maintaining anecdotal notes, observations and other approved forms of documentation when requested by the teacher.   
  • Serves as a source of information and assistance to substitute teachers.   
  • Alert the classroom teacher/specialist to any problem or special information concerning an individual student which comes to his/her attention.   
  • Assist the teacher in making the classroom attractive and the climate conducive for learning.   
  • Plans for lessons and group activities under the teacher’s supervision,.   
  • Supervise children in educational areas, during loading or unloading of buses/vans, and performs crossing guard duty, as needed.   
  • Set up electronic learning devices, develops bulletin boards, and assists with paperwork as needed.   
  • Implement specific behavior management strategies as directed by the teacher.   
  • Maintain confidentiality of student information as required by federal and state rules and regulations.  
  • Exhibit a high level of ethical behavior and model positive behaviors for students.   
  • Demonstrate professionalism and commitment through punctuality and attendance.   
  • Participate in job related growth and improvement activities as requested by the Executive Director and/or Special Education Supervisor.  
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the teacher or building administrators.  


Skills and Qualifications: 

  • Paraprofessionals must meet at least one of the qualifications listed below:  
  • Completed at least two years of postsecondary study 
  • Possess an associate degree or higher 
  • Meet a rigorous standard of quality as demonstrated through a state or local assessment.  


Clearances Required: 

  • Act 33/Act 151 (Child Abuse) 
  • Act 34 (Criminal Background) 
  • Act 114 (FBI Fingerprinting) 
  • Mandated Reporter Training