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Paraprofessionals assist and support the teacher with educational and instructional activities, implementing behavior management for students, as well as performing a variety of clerical and supportive tasks for instructional personnel.  They do not assume the primary responsibility for the classroom. 


Essential Functions: 

  • Support the education of individual students or small groups of students by reinforcing instruction and development of functional, social and behavior skills initially introduced by certified teaching staff.  
  • Support the teacher in order to maintain orderly classroom behavior.  
  • Performs assigned tasks associated with routine daily activities such as arrival and dismissal, classroom transition times, meal times, toileting, recess and field trips.  
  • Assist the teacher in documenting and maintaining anecdotal notes, observations and other approved forms of documentation when requested by the teacher.  
  • Serves as a source of information and assistance to substitute teachers.  
  • Alert the classroom teacher/specialist to any problem or special information concerning an individual student which comes to his/her attention.  
  • Assist the teacher in making the classroom attractive and the climate conducive for learning.  
  • Plans for lessons and group activities under the teacher’s supervision,.  
  • Supervise children in educational areas, during loading or unloading of buses/vans, and performs crossing guard duty, as needed.  
  • Set up electronic learning devices, develops bulletin boards, and assists with paperwork as needed.  
  • Implement specific behavior management strategies as directed by the teacher.  
  • Maintain confidentiality of student information as required by federal and state rules and regulations. 
  • Exhibit a high level of ethical behavior and model positive behaviors for students.  
  • Demonstrate professionalism and commitment through punctuality and attendance.  
  • Participate in job related growth and improvement activities as requested by the Executive Director and/or Special Education Supervisor. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the teacher or building administrators. 


Skills and Qualifications: 

Paraprofessionals must meet at least one of the qualifications listed below: 
  • Completed at least two years of postsecondary study 
  • Possess an associate degree or higher 
  • Meet a rigorous standard of quality as demonstrated through a state or local assessment. 

Clearances Required:

  • Act 33/Act 151 (Child Abuse)
  • Act 34 (Criminal Background)
  • Act 114 (FBI Fingerprinting)
  • Mandated Reporter Training
Teachers are responsible for the planning and provision of education for students.
1.    Develop and submit lesson plans in the approved format to the Supervisor by the
designated time period. Collaboration with other teachers is encouraged.
2.    Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying teaming
styles, needs and interest.
3.    Ensure students are demonstrating knowledge and skills through projects and activities.
4.    Manage a wide array of student needs and behaviors in the classroom and throughout the school.
5.    Provides a safe environment for students.
6.    Maintain accurate and complete records of student attendance and grades in a timely and confidential manner.
7.    Develop and administer formal and informal student assessments in order to evaluate
students' progress.
8.    Collaborate with parents, staff, and outside professionals concerning students' progress.
9.    Supervise students during practice drills.
10.    Follow school procedures pertaining to duty assignments such as lunch, hall, recess, and homeroom.
11.    Actively participate in team, faculty and parent meetings, workshops, in-service professional development, and other responsibilities as they arise.
12.    Provides direction to paraprofessionals.
13.    Contribute to the IEP team as designated by teaching role -case manager or contributor.
14.    Performs additional duties or responsibilities as assigned by the Supervisor.
Skills and Qualifications
•    Bachelor's degree and Pennsylvania State Teaching Certification in required content area.
•    Must also obtain 24 additional education credits within six years of hire to obtain permanent certification.
•    Preferred qualities and attributes include:
o    A commitment to accelerating student achievement
o    A desire to eliminate racial disparities
o    The ability to create a positive school and district culture
o    The willingness to foster and promote innovation

Clearances Required:

  • Act 33/Act 151 (Child Abuse)
  • Act 34 (Criminal Background)
  • Act 114 (FBI Fingerprinting)
  • Mandated Reporter Training
Job Coach

Job Coaches will provide job coaching support to students of the ACLD Tillotson School Secondary Transition Program and who are in need of employment support.  Qualified individuals will work directly with students with moderate disabilities in community worksite settings and volunteer opportunities to help support the needs of the student(s).  Job Coaches will help students learn specific job requirements, support work-related activities and requirements such as time and attendance rules and appropriate work-related behaviors when dealing with supervisors and co-workers.  Job coaches will also assist with travel training students within the community, supporting students in a variety of public transportation modes.  Job Coaches will be expected to model appropriate communication and problem-solving skills, while on the job.  Employment preparation occurs through vocational exploration, assessment and training that takes place in a real-life work, volunteer or other setting within the community.  Job coaches will engage students and establish a trusting, collaborative relationship directed towards the goal of competitive employment in community job settings.  Job Coaches will report to the Transition Coordinator for day-to-day activities and updates and to the Special Education Director or Executive Director of the ACLD Tillotson School for supervisory purposes, as necessary.




Qualifications:  Experience in working with individuals with disabilities is required.  Undergraduate degree or related work experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred:  special education, therapeutic support, mental health counseling, social work or a related field.  Applicants should possess excellent communication skills as they will be maintaining relationships with community worksites.  Experience providing employment services and a knowledge of the world of work is preferred.  Possessing the ability to work as an effective member of a team is imperative. 


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support a small group of students on a worksite (number of students depends on student abilities/cognitive functioning)
  • Maintain communication with worksite contact and Transition Coordinator
  • Teach and model appropriate self-advocacy skills to students
  • Assess student work skills and challenges that may affect potential competitive employment opportunities
  • Collaborate with community work sites and volunteer locations in order to effectively support student progress and successes
  • Assist students in obtaining job applications as well as the completion and distribution of the applications
  • Communicate student progress to Transition Coordinator, student, family and IEP team as requested
  • Participate in meetings as requested
  • Observe and record student behavior data
  • Review, analyze and discuss student data on a weekly basis with Transition Coordinator to determine the best instruction purposes to maximize student retention of employable work skills and behaviors

Job Conditions:

  • Employment is spent in the community and at various worksites
  • Position entails walking within the community and utilizing various modes of public transportation within the community
  • Employment may take place in inclement weather
  • Specific community work sites may require additional responsibilities
  • No out-of-pocket costs to perform job duties and responsibilities
  • Schedules work experiences will mirror the school calendar
  • This position is considered an independent contractor of the ACLD Tillotson School. 
  • Wages are paid at an hourly rate. 

Clearances Required:

  • Act 33/Act 151 (Child Abuse)
  • Act 34 (Criminal Background)
  • Act 114 (FBI Fingerprinting)
  • Mandated Reporter Training


If you are interested in applying for these positions, please contact Charlie Scharbo, Project Manager, at 412-892-4878 or [email protected]