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Common Questions

Q: How do I schedule transportation to and from school?
A: You may contact Traci Pellegrini at 412-881-2268 for assistance setting up bus transportation.
Q:  Does my child need to pack a lunch?
A:  Your child can choose to pack a lunch if he or she would like. We have refrigerators and microwaves available for meals. We also have our Munch & Learn Program, which provides social lessons and a free meal to students.
Q: What if I believe my child needs support from counselors or a social worker while at school?
A:  Our school has two licensed professional counselors and one licensed social worker on staff. Contact your child's case manager for more information about these services.
Q: How do I request an IEP meeting?
A: You may request an IEP meeting at any time. Please contact Tara Skalka, Special Education Supervisor, to arrange a meeting.
Q: What school supplies do I need to purchase for my child?
A: We have provided our students with their own school supplies this year! There is no need to purchase your own unless you would like specific brands, colors, characters, etc.