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Entrepreneurial Skills

Students in Entrepreneurial Skills classes are assigned real jobs around the school building.  An online job application is completed by each student to begin practicing the process of getting a job.  Once jobs are assigned, students clock-in and out each time they work simulating a real work experience, with real pay.  They are expected to check their work assignments and report to their assigned job independently.  While completing in-school jobs, students practice the necessary soft skills of communication, problem solving, interpersonal skills and teamwork.

One group of students in the Entrepreneurial Skills class have put together a student run newspaper called the Tiger News.  Each student is assigned a role within the newspaper for each published edition.  Students have developed teamwork expectations and are encouraged to practice these skills each day.  Students report about topics of interest as well as things happening in and around Tillotson.  Check out the latest edition of the Tiger News:  9th Edition of the Tiger News