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ACLD Tillotson is fortunate to have a specially designed sensory room which can give students, who have difficulty integrating their senses, the sensory input needed to calm and focus so they are prepared for learning and interacting with others.  Everything in this space has been carefully selected so students can play in an engaging and calming manner.  The color-changing bubble tube and fiber optic lights engage auditory and visual senses.  The swing is a great way to encourage proprioceptive (awareness of the position and movement of the body) and vestibular (sense of balance) feedback.  Calming colors and pictures are provided by the wall projector.  An infinity panel encourages interaction, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, and an understanding of cause and effect.  Deep pressure can be applied by the peapod to calm children with sensory processing issues.  Music is a part of the sensory room which creates an atmosphere of safety and tranquility.  Students can enjoy music while sitting in an over-sized bean bag that contains a speaker system that produces vibrations throughout the chair with calming physical and auditory stimulation.  The sensory room at ACLD Tillotson is just another way we give our students the support needed for them to succeed both academically and socially.