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Over the past several years Tillotson School students in grades 5-12 have had the opportunity to participate in the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Therapeutic League (WPITL) for intramural sports.  We have been able to take part in cheer-leading, basketball, flag football and kickball.    The league is not overly competitive and was set up to allow students of all abilities to participate.  All student athletes who want to be a part of a team can as long as they follow the behavior, attendance and academic standards established for participation.  Playing times are equal for everyone and not based on skill level.  The league has allowed many of our students who have never been a part of a team a great opportunity to do so in a safe environment.  The goals of the league are to promote participation and to teach fair play, team work and good sportsmanship.    One of the great parts of  the program is both practices and games occur during the school day, taking the stress of getting students athletes where they need to be off of the parents.