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Spotlight Message

Mrs. Westbrooks-Martin
A Message from Donna Westbrooks-Martin, Executive Director
Every student should have an opportunity to receive a meaningful education.  At the ACLD Tillotson School, students with disabilities receive a personalized education that meets their individualized needs.  Drawing from a repertoire of evidence-based, standards aligned curricula and effective instructional strategies, students are challenged academically and socially & emotionally, in a supportive environment. 
At the ACLD Tillotson School, teachers certified in special education, as well as specific content areas partner with parents & families, community agencies and local school districts to ensure success for all of our students.   Using a team approach and data driven decision making, highly effective school teams create a learning plan for each student that guides their education.  Students learn to identify strengths and areas of need, in an effort to develop self-advocacy skills and to grow socially and emotionally.

The ACLD Tillotson presumes competence on the part of all of our students with the belief that all students with disabilities are competent learners, who accomplish great things, given the appropriate supports and services.  Keeping the end in sight, students are meaningful participants in secondary transition planning to ensure that they are ready to pursue their goal of being college, trade school, employment and/or independent living ready.  Our mission is to enable our students to realize their academic and social potential, so they can transition successfully into the adult world.

Here at the ACLD Tillotson School, our students’ futures are bright!  Call or schedule a tour of our school today.  We would love to show you around!