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Nursing Support

The National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students. At the ACLD Tillotson School, we believe that the health status of the child has a direct relationship to his or her educational achievement - a healthy learner will be more successful! Parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children; the school's role is to help parents recognize and carry out their responsibility. The school nurse's role includes the following:
  • Monitor immunizations and maintain health records for all students
  • Assess and treat illness and injury
  • Provide emergency care
  • Manage chronic health conditions in the school setting
  • Provide yearly health screenings
  • Administer medication and provide necessary nursing care.
  • Promote and/or provide health-related educational programs for students, staff and families
  • Serve as a resource for families, students and staff
The ACLD Tillotson School adheres to the NASN definition of school nursing and complies with the role and responsibilities of the school nurse.